About Us

We want to break the urine loss taboo

Urine loss is considered one of the last remaining taboos in women’s health. We know that urine loss is a widespread women’s health issue as incontinence affects 1 in 3 women after giving birth. Women often feel ashamed to talk about their problem with their loved ones, or to seek help from a health professional. With Carin we want to make steps forward in reducing the numbers of women with urine loss. If you are interested in more information about urinary incontinence, please contact us.

Empowering women everyday

Carin was born from the mission to empower women to regain confidence in their bodies.

We bring design and technology together

The motivation to develop Carin was to improve the quality of life for women with incontinence issues. Understanding the experience of women was crucial within the development process. In cooperation with health professionals, Carin was tested by over 100 women with urine loss. Their opinions guided developments such as the size and shape of the sensor unit as well as the location for wearing it. We have created something so small that you forget you are wearing it.

We revolutionize women’s health with wearable technology

We are living in a time of smart phones, smart watches, wearable devices and exercise trackers. This new technology offers great potential for women to understand and work on their health independently. The result is a set of wearables designed specifically for women with a specific health need. With Carin, women can work on their pelvic health in the privacy of their homes with minimal intervention in daily life.