Beautifully designed


Made from fast drying smart textiles, Carin’s Protect line of underwear provides comfort and protection in the fit and style you love. It can be worn with or without the sensor helping to manage and track urine loss.

  • Washing Carin Protect is easy. It can be put in the washing machine on the delicate wash alongside the rest of the laundry. Carin Protect underwear is designed for everyday use and is available in two styles. Read more about how to use Carin Protect on the button below.

Personal pelvic floor exercise


The Carin app gives you access to a multi-week exercise program specially designed to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and eliminate urine loss. Get quick results with the Carin program and eliminate urine leaks within 4-7 weeks.

By exercising 10 minutes per day following the Carin program you will experience increased strength and control in your pelvic floor muscles thereby reducing and eliminating urine leaks. Our coaches demonstrate the pelvic floor exercises through the Carin app on your smartphone or tablet allowing you to exercise your muscles anytime and anywhere. The Carin app also records your urine loss and calculates your leak reduction after the second week.

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Wearable Technology


Simple and wearable

Carin’s Bluetooth sensor snaps comfortably and discreetly inside the protective underwear measuring your leakage and collecting data throughout the day. Carin is the only wearable pelvic floor trainer on the market. Our sensor gives you the freedom to track your progress in real time without compromising your active lifestyle.